Istmo: Transforming Ideas with Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a flexible and collaborative approach that focuses on iteration and continuous improvement throughout the design process.

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Recognizing the importance of community involvement in recycling, Istmo's objective is to create a community and incentivize recycling through a points-based system that can be redeemed for rewards. However, they lacked a clear vision of how to achieve this. That's where 10th Devs came in, dedicated to guiding Istmo through an exploration process using Design Thinking. Our mission: to develop a digital product that not only captivates users but also offers seamless usability.

Istmo: Transforming Ideas with Design Thinking

Implementation of Design Thinking

To carry out the project, it was decided to divide the Design Thinking process into two fundamental phases.

In the first phase, we focused on empathizing, defining, and ideating, covering the three initial stages of the process. During this stage, our goal was to provide clarity and establish solid foundations for the design or research of the product that fully addressed the identified needs of the users. Our aim was to create solutions that were not only useful and feasible but also desirable.

  • We conducted recorded moderated interviews with companies and individuals (Responsible Humans).
  • Designed surveys for Allies, New Allies, and Responsible Humans.
  • Organized a Focus Group with 10 Responsible Humans.
  • Created 2 Affinity Maps and 2 Empathy Maps. We developed 4 User Personas (2 known and 2 new users).
Istmo: Transforming Ideas with Design Thinking

With the results in hand, we nailed down the main problem, figured out what’s causing it, and saw how it impacts our users. We put together the Problem Statement and Problem Brief, and got our Point of View (POV) clear. Using the 5 Whys technique, we dug deep to find the root causes. Next up was the fun part: prototyping and testing. We mapped out user flows, built high-fidelity prototypes, and got them validated. We reconnected with our users to check out the design and run some usability tests. Once our visual prototype was ready, we tested it with real users. This step was crucial for seeing how well our digital product worked, finding areas to tweak, and making improvements based on the feedback we got.

Istmo: Transforming Ideas with Design Thinking

Project Conclusion

The main problem identified is that in Panama there is a significant disconnect regarding sustainability due to the absence of major fronts capable of promoting social responsibility and recycling, which limits their involvement in environmental and social initiatives. The root of the problem lies in the absence of a centralized digital platform adequately supporting and facilitating access to relevant information about social responsibility and recycling activities in Panama.

Needs: Clear and easy access to information is required.

Solution: Develop a business connectivity platform focused on sustainability in Panama, facilitating collaboration, idea exchange, and promotion of environmental initiatives among companies interested in implementing sustainable and responsible practices. Additionally, it should connect with other companies with socially responsible individuals

Istmo: Transforming Ideas with Design Thinking
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