El Machico Hostel

The El Machico Hostel website redesign beautifully showcases the hostel's inviting atmosphere and community spirit.

El Machico
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Project overview

El Machico Hostel Panama City is designed to offer guests an exceptional balance between relaxation and social interaction. This project aims to support the hostel experience by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflects El Machico Hostel's welcoming atmosphere. The design will emphasize both personal relaxation and social connectivity, ensuring that potential guests can easily explore the hostel's amenities, make reservations, and feel the inviting community vibe even before they arrive.

El Machico Hostel

Project execution

The project implementation began with an engaging discovery meeting with the El Machico Hostel team, where we explored their ideas, discussed the project brief, and gathered all the essential details to initiate the design process. The entire journey was seamless and straightforward. At a high level, the steps we took were:

  1. Discovery Meeting: Engaged with the El Machico team to understand their vision and objectives.
  2. Project Brief Sharing: Collected and reviewed the detailed project brief to align on goals.
  3. Figma Concept Design and Validation: Created and refined the initial design concepts using Figma, ensuring alignment with the client's vision.
  4. Webflow Development: Developed the website using Webflow, translating the design into a functional and interactive site.
  5. Test & Launch: Conducted thorough testing to ensure a smooth user experience, followed by the successful launch of the website.

El Machico Hostel

El Machico Hostel

Project results

The new El Machico Hostel website perfectly captures the spirit of warmth and community, offering a seamless user experience that invites travelers to relax and connect. The visually appealing design and intuitive navigation make exploring the hostel's amenities effortless, ensuring guests feel the welcoming atmosphere from their first click. The successful launch has redefined El Machico Hostel’s online presence, making it a go-to destination for travelers worldwide.

El Machico Hostel
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What our clients say

"10th Devs gave us the opportunity to expand our vision by making our home website"

David Young
Co-Founder @ New Arch Competitions

"Crear my website con 10th Devs ha sido una experiencia excelente, los chicos supieron escucharme muy bien y elaborar una propuesta que se ajustara a mis necesidades"

Angelo Sigesmond
El Machico Hostel
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